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April 10 2017

He has read 2 books toward his goal of 3 books.
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March 13 2017

Let a LED blink in different frequencies on Linux

February 19 2017

February 13 2017

February 07 2017

Run Unit Tests from Shell

January 18 2017

Frostiges Fahren zur Firma

January 16 2017

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If you put that ball on that machine while it wasn’t spinning, it would just roll straight down the lower sides. 

The raised edges would keep it in the middle line, but it’s only controlled in one direction. By spinning it, you constantly alternate the position of the tall sides, meaning that the ball is held in the middle, never able to fall off.

Particle accelerators control particles in the same way. Magnetic or electric fields can only direct particles in one plane at a time, so to keep a beam of particles rushing down a particle accelerator in one focused stream, the current gradient must constantly oscillate. This means the particles are constantly held in place, never able to shoot off in one direction.


Here’s the same principle in action: these are tiny pollen grains being held in place by an oscillating field. Rods in the four corners of the beam establish a field that oscillates many times a second to keep the pollen trapped. If it didn’t constantly switch, the pollen would all fly off in one direction.

Watch the full film with Dr Suzie Sheehy for more.

January 14 2017

January 09 2017

December 12 2016

Automatisches rsync über SSH absichern

December 09 2016

Unbeaufsichtigte Aktionen mit SSH

November 17 2016

November 03 2016

October 21 2016

letsencrypt mit acme.sh und lighttpd

September 19 2016

Bisschen Band

September 12 2016

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